MAN Genuine Parts

MAN Genuine Oil

Complete protection for complex technology.

Genuine Oil perfectly complements the core elements of your vehicle: the engine, the gearbox and driven axles. In tune with perfectly harmonised components, MAN Genuine Oils provide proven protection from wear. Helping to maximise the life cycle and minimise operating costs. Less wear, greater efficiency. With MAN Genuine Oil.

Many years and millions of kilometres later.

Only MAN Genuine Oil is developed specifically for your MAN. Designed to operate under extreme conditions. Tested over the course of many years and millions of kilometres. Proven to protect and perform. Allowing for longer service intervals and contributing to a longer life for engines, transmissions and axles. All while lowering fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. The benefits, like your MAN, just go on and on.

MAN Genuine Engine Oil.
High-performance oil for high-performance engines.

Modern engines face high demands in terms of both performance and efficiency. To meet these demands engine oil must flawlessly support each engine component in operation, while, at the same time, ensuring emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. Our high quality engine oils are guaranteed to deliver optimum performance in all driving conditions.

MAN Genuine Engine Oil

MAN Genuine Transmission Oil.
Helps convert power into performance. 

The transmission brings the engine’s power to life. A truck can only reach maximum efficiency when everything is working smoothly. Transmission oil plays a critical role in this. Practical testing has shown that the combination of MAN Genuine Transmission Oil and MAN precision technology delivers high performance even under extreme conditions.


MAN Genuine Axle Oil.
For an ideal distribution of power.

Drive axles and transfer cases provide the final transmission of torque to the power train. To ensure optimum efficiency both must deliver peak performance, even under extreme conditions. This requires a perfect match between the oil and the technology. MAN Genuine Axle Oil is the only axle oil that is made exclusively for use in MAN trucks and buses.

MAN Genuine Axle Oil

Make your money go further with MAN Genuine Oil.