MAN Genuine Parts

New start, with our second sales promotion "In safe hands. MAN Genuine parts for safety and performance." Reduced Prices from April to June 2018.

MAN prides itself on delivering outstanding quality and ensuring the maximum service life for your vehicle. MAN Service also makes sure parts are fitted quickly and without problems to prevent long downtimes during repairs or replacement. With these advantages, we help to keep your vehicles or fleet ready for operation throughout their entire life cycle.

We hope to have a complete customer satisfaction with Quality OE Product at a discounted rate for Q2 2018:

In Safe Hands Campaign includes;

  • Air compressors and air tanks
  • Alternators and Starters
  • Belt tensioners and Pulleys, V-belts
  • Brake drums and discs, adjusters, linings, cylinders and valves
  • Fan clutches
  • Roller bearings and pads
  • Seat belts, Wind deflectors and accessories

The benefits, like your MAN, go on and on with our MAN UK Network:

  • Parts originally designed and engineered for your MAN truck
  • 45,000 parts available in stock
  • 120 MAN trained parts interpreters - nationwide
  • Free parts delivery service nationwide through 65 network members
  • 300 parts delivery vans nationwide offering prompt delivery times
  • A precise fit, first time, every time
  • Full two-year warranty on all Genuine MAN Parts