MAN Genuine Parts

Take no risks - let MAN stop you in your tracks.

Choosing MAN Genuine friction parts rewards you with a cost saving of around 25% over six years due to extended service life in comparison to non-genuine parts.

MAN Genuine Drum Brakes

MAN Genuine Drum Brakes offer comfortable and reliable braking with efficient, maximum braking power and optimum response. Not only do they meet the highest quality standards for material properties, they also have fast fitting times meaning less time off the road for you and your truck.

MAN Genuine Brake Discs and Pads

MAN Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are a perfect match. The high-grade material composition gives a service life of more than 300,000 km for MAN Genuine Brake Discs, and more than 150,000 km on MAN Genuine Disc Brake Pads, depending on driving style and vehicle configuration.

Our brake pads also come with mechanical anchoring between the lining and the plate to ensure the lining back plate and lining material stay securely joined even at high temperatures and in the presence of shock and vibration. Brake pad springs and retainers are naturally included, to ensure optimum grip of the pads in the brake system for their entire service life.

To make sure a retainer doesn’t break in extreme conditions, MAN places special emphasis on the quality of materials used for retainers and springs.

The benefits:

  • Increased service life through less wear and tear
  • Brake pad springs and retainers included with MAN Genuine Disc Brake Pads for optimised brake system security
  • Secure join between lining material and lining back-plate through mechanical anchoring
  • Optimal material composition despite temperatures of more than 500°C
  • Specific heat dissipation against partial wear of the disc that can lead to tearing, knocking or breakage
  • MAN Genuine Disc Brake Lining Sets available