MAN Genuine Parts

Transform the performance efficiency of your vehicle with a finely tuned MAN Genuine Gearbox. 

MAN gearbox parts have the quality it takes to maintain operational reliability, performance and load capability. The use of high-strength steel alloys and the optimum combination of hardness grade, depth and core strength creates excellent wear and tensile strength. Exact manufacturing tolerances are maintained to ensure the clean and precise meshing of the gear wheels. The accuracy of the fitting also generates a significantly higher load-carrying capability of the gear teeth.

MAN supplies manual, automatic and fully automatic gearboxes for trucks, buses and coaches. 

When replacing a defective gearbox, always trust the quality of MAN Genuine Parts. A genuine MAN replacement gearbox will perform as new after intensive reconditioning and full function-testing. And, with a full spare-parts warranty of 2 years, you’ll get the full quality of a new part without the expense. The replacement work will be performed efficiently and at an easily estimated price by your MAN service centre. Compare this to a gearbox repair, and the time taken is cut to a few hours resulting in less time off the road for your MAN and increased productivity for your business.

The benefits:

  • Gearboxes comprehensively renovated to original equipment standards
  • As good as new at a competitive price
  • Less downtime compared to a gearbox repair
  • Reconditioned using state-of-the-art techniques
  • High-strength steel alloys employed to minimise wear and tear and maximise tensile strength
  • Increased driving comfort through less noise and efficient operation
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance and cost-effective