MAN Genuine Parts

Genuine value you can rely on. 

Reliability and safety are the foundation to MAN Genuine Lights. At MAN we understand the importance of safe signalling and being readily visible when facing limited visibility in bad weather conditions or at night.

MAN Genuine Headlights

That’s why our MAN Genuine Headlights exhibit the optimum light yield, meaning that drivers are able to concentrate for significantly longer periods of time in the dark. Besides being very bright, our headlights also have other advantages such as an extremely long range and maximum illumination of the width of the road ahead. Obstacles are detected in good time, giving the driver opportunity to react to dangerous situations, and reflections from traffic signs/road markings are significantly improved. Moreover, MAN Genuine headlights are especially resistant to vibration, impact and corrosion.

MAN offers two different types of headlight, both of which combine reliability with a long service life:

  • MAN H7 halogen lights offer an extremely long service life of up to 1,200 hours
  • MAN Xenon lights provide optimum vision with their exceptional brightness

MAN Genuine Taillights 

With MAN Genuine Taillights you become noticeably brighter when braking, meaning that your visibility is optimised. Our taillights also feature high-quality seals, which provide permanent protection against the ingress of water and dirt. This, in conjunction with the superior ventilation system, allows condensation to run off as a corrosion preventative. MAN Genuine Taillights also feature a stable housing structure which reduces vibration and increases the service life of the globes. When the globes finally need replacing, it’s a simple and quick process because the lens is equipped with captive screws.

The benefits:

  • MAN Genuine Headlights have a long service life, provide maximum light yield and optimum illumination of the road ahead
  • MAN Genuine Taillights comply with ECE regulations
  • High-quality sealing prevents ingress of water and dirt
  • Struts make housing stable and thus reduce vibration
  • The ventilation system protects against corrosion

MAN Genuine LED Tail Lights

MAN now offers LED tail lamps that can be retrofitted to your vehicle. Despite the lamps providing optimum illumination, they actually consume less energy thanks to LED technology, meaning you could save around 35L diesel each year.

The benefits:

  • Modern design
  • Efficient LED technology reduces energy consumption and saves on diesel
  • Brighter lights mean a faster response time for drivers behind you
  • Highly durable
  • Maintenance free for reduced downtime and running costs